Bermondsey Welcomes Refugee's vision is to resettle a vulnerable refugee family into the Bermondsey and Rotherhithe community.  We aim to support them to fulfill a sustainable life in the UK.


There are a number of ways you can support our work, below are two examples.  For other ways, take a look at our 'Get Involved' page to see what suits you best.


Are you a landlord?  Do you know a landlord looking to rent a property? 

Our next step is to secure a self-contained property to rent for 2 years+ in the Bermondsey or Rotherhithe area of London, to house a vulnerable refugee family. We are looking for a reasonable priced property with at least two bedrooms, close to local amenities such as schools, shops and travel. 

The accommodation does not need to be in perfect decor and repair as we will organise this.

Landlords will benefit from a guaranteed two-year+ rental income and will be helping to settle a vulnerable refugee family into the community!  Contact us if you have something suitable. 

Are you a tradesperson? Do you have experience in refurbishment?  If so, get in touch and help us to prepare the  property for when our refugee family arrives. 

We will be looking for furnishings and household equipment for when our refugee family arrives.  If you can help, get in touch with us.

'Couch to 5KM'

Team member Kate Beeching is taking up thIS challenge.  She will be running 24 sessions to the 5K run.  You can support Kate by donating to her great effort on our Just Giving Page.

September 2020


Khaled Nashar cycling enroute to Brighton
Mahdy Alraie arrives in Cambridge.
'Aliens?....where are you? lecture by Dr Francisco Diego

'4 guys cycling 400km in 4 days'

Khaled Nashar was the last of our cyclist of our fundraising event.  He cycled from London to Brighton, covering 100km.

September 2020

'4 guys cycling 400km in 4 days'

Mahdy Alraie cycled from London to Cambridge non-stop, fundraising for our work and also raising awareness for Community Sponsorship.

August 2020

'Aliens? ....where are you? lecture at Sands Films, Rotherhithe. 

With Dr Franciso Diego

July 2020

Watch the lecture here.

Bisher Diyani lifting his bike as he arrives in Bath
Ayham Alsuleman enroute to Oxford.
Robert Rappberger & Scott Rosenfelt

'4 guys cycling 400km in 4 days'

Bisher Dayani cycled the third leg of our fundraising cycle event, from London to Bath covering 200km. 

August 2020

'4 guys cycling 400 km in 4 days

Ayham Alsuleman cycled from London to Oxford non-stop to fundraise for our work.

August 2020

Screening of '7 days in Syria' at Sands Films, Rotherhithe. With live participations from Robert Rappberger (director) and Scott Rosenfelt (producer).

August 2020


We are busy fundraising to achieve our target of £12,000  We are almost 60% there, but need your donation to push us to our goal.  You can donate to any of our events through our Just Giving link at the top and bottom of the page.




We will shortly be opening our Marketplace, offering artisan work to purchase, to include artwork by local artists and drawings from Syrian refugee children.  


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